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08 Jun 2021

Ocean Climate Action

Ocean Climate Action Does the seagull Ever fly without a goal Over the sea? You will never know – Just try to let Your goals sometimes fly To see which seagull Will come to sit On your hand for a while. (July 2011 © Christiane Weismüller) Happy World Ocean Day Do you find peace and calm yourself down near the sea, do you let your thoughts fly with the seagulls and the wind to clear your head like I do? […]

01 Jun 2021

Nature Journaling and Poetry

Nature Journaling and Poetry International Nature Journaling Week 2021 starts with the prompt „words“. Especially poetry is an often neglected element in our nature journals. I wrote this poem inspired by a leaf I found using directly or indirectly the prompts „I notice, I wonder, It reminds me of“ and „Maybe“ which Emilie Lygren added in her workshop during this first day: A Leaf I Found I noticed you somewhere on the forest floor – lines and shadows and a […]

20 Mai 2021


Lebensräume Salzwiesen und Dünen sind wichtige Lebensräume an der Nordsee. Ganz spezielle seltene Pflanzen wie z. B. die Stranddistel haben sich hier den für die meisten Pflanzen unwirtlichen Bedingungen, wie z. B. Wind und Salz angepasst. Die Flora an den Nordseeküsten und auf den Inseln steht größtenteils unter Naturschutz – also bitte nicht pflücken!

17 Mai 2021

The Haiku Mindset

The Haiku Mindset for Nature Journaling Haiku poems are very suitable elements in a nature journal. They capture a moment in nature like a snapshot as I described more detailed in my blogpost Nature Journaling and Haiku. Today I’d like to explain to you how some attitudes behind haiku writing are also a great tool to develop your nature journaling practice as a whole!   3 Ways to use Haiku as a Mindset #1 Haiku and Perspective As a photo […]

16 Apr 2021

Nature Journaling Workshops

Ich gebe immer wieder Nature Journaling Workshops, die aktuellen Termine findet Ihr hier: Nature Journaling Workshop

08 Apr 2021

Coral Art

View more of this amazing work on the website of the artist Courtney Mattison.

04 Apr 2021

Nature Journaling with Natural Materials

Nature Journaling with Natural Materials I often use twigs, grass blades or feathers instead of brushes to paint with natural inks, so why not do this in my nature journal, too 😊 How I did it Here I used liquid watercolours and the pages came out in an impressionistic way: The February page with the first grass blades coming through the melting snow and a patch of little yellow early bloomers in the background. The March page was inspired by […]

31 Mrz 2021

Nature Journaling and Edith Holden

Nature Journaling and Edith Holden Nature Journaling gibt es schon lange, z. B. hier ein Beispiel aus England: Edith Holdens (1851-1920) „The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady“ (1906) ist ein Klassiker, ebenso der Vorläufer „The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady“ (1905). Schaut, wie abwechslungsreich sie ihre Seiten gestaltet hat – mit Gedichten, Naturbeobachtungen, eigenen Erlebnissen!  

29 Mrz 2021

Nature Journaling Podcast

Nature Journaling Podcast Today I’m guest in Bethan Burton’s Podcast. About this interview „Listen to hear more about: How Christiane’s family fostered her love and connection with nature in childhood. Simple ways to bring writing into our nature journal. The way nature writing can capture memories. Constructing a haiku poem to capture a moment in nature. The way nature journaling connects with a desire to protect nature. How art is a way to touch people’s feelings and help them become […]

09 Mrz 2021

Meine Insel

Im Frühjahr ist meine Geliebte eine Insel (…) Früh im Jahr spült Meine Geliebte kraftvoll rauschend Den Spätwinter fort, Malt glitzernde Sterne und Regenbögen auf goldenen Saum Ihrer grün-grauen Netze, In denen ich mich verfange, strande und bleibe Allein zurück wartend auf die nächste Flut am Horizont. Endlose Weite hab‘ ich gesehen, Endlose Zeit kann ich nicht vergessen. (Nach Bachmann I Auszug, 12.03. 2016 © Christiane Weismüller)