Nature Writing

Nature writing is a literary form of the 19th century. from the Anglo-American area, which has renewed itself in recent years and is also appealing to more and more people in Germany.

Henry David Thoreau’s „Walden“ is considered a pioneering work, but he himself had Gilbert Wright’s „The Natural History of Selbourne“ from 1789 in his luggage for two years in his self-built hut on Walden Pond. Wright also wrote – in his case – in letters about his own immediate surroundings.

In Germany, according to the promising texts by Alexander von Humboldt in the 18th century, this literary genre probably fizzled out due to the chaos of war on the European continent.

The „New Nature Writing“ of the 21st century has many facets in England and America as well as in Germany: It ranges from an exact description of nature, often underpinned by careful research, and reference to the cultural history of man (Robert MacFarlane, series „Naturkunde“) to description of individual experiences of nature and references to the writer’s subjective world of experience. („Oak Papers“, „Outdoors“, Poetry).