Ocean Climate Action


Ocean Climate Action

Does the seagull
Ever fly without a goal
Over the sea?
You will never know –
Just try to let
Your goals sometimes fly
To see which seagull
Will come to sit
On your hand for a while.

(2011 © Christiane Weismüller)

Happy World Ocean Day

Do you find peace and calm yourself down near the sea, do you let your thoughts fly with the seagulls and the wind to clear your head like I do?

Then give something back to the ocean this World Ocean Day!

One Ocean – One Climate – One Future – Together

Just like national parks help protect animals and habitats on land, marine protected areas help safeguard areas of the ocean and marine animals.

But do you know that only 7% of our ocean is currently protected, yet scientists say we need to safeguard at least 30%?

And do you know that ocean-based solutions can provide 20% of the emissions reductions we need to avoid catastrophic climate change?

Now is the time for big change. Join me and people around the world by signing in support of the global movement to protect 30% of the planets lands, waters,and ocean by 2030. Together we can #Protect30x30: http://bit.ly/30x30WOD


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Christiane Weismüller

I would like to inspire environmental awareness through my photographs, paintings and poetry.

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