Nature Journaling and Creativity


Nature Journaling and Creativity

„For me nature journaling is not about your special skills in drawing, writing, naming, measureing or observing but about your creativity. It is about to respond to the special situation outdoors and then to choose, which of these elements would fit best and how.

You will see that each of my pages are different: Some contain biological information, others not, some contain a poem, some not, some are drawn more realistic and others even look more like a cartoon 🙂

I’d like to share with you some things about the “making of” of some pages and what …“

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This month I wrote a blogpost for International Nature Journaling Week, a project started last year by Australian based artist and educator Bethan Burton:

There I tried to describe the process behind some pages in my nature journal – thank you, Bethan, for asking me, it was much fun 🙂

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Christiane Weismüller

I would like to inspire environmental awareness through my photographs, paintings and poetry.

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