Nature Journaling with Natural Materials

Nature Journaling with Natural Materials

I often use twigs, grass blades or feathers instead of brushes to paint with natural inks, so why not do this in my nature journal, too 😊

How I did it

Here I used liquid watercolours and the pages came out in an impressionistic way: The February page with the first grass blades coming through the melting snow and a patch of little yellow early bloomers in the background.

The March page was inspired by the green veil of first leaves and pink, yellow and white wild flowers under the yet bare trees.


So a complete different style again, but each of my journal pages turn out in a different style depending on the situation in nature.

Now it’s your turn: be inspired and creative – happy Easter and happy journaling 😊 🌱

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Christiane Weismüller

I would like to inspire environmental awareness through my photographs, paintings and poetry.

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