There are still some villages where time seems to stand still. Old farms and half-timbered houses cower under mighty oaks. In the evenings cozy lights in the windows invite you to come in – homecoming … . I would like to create this atmosphere with this series of pictures.


Undine’s Realm

All kinds of water fascinate me. In literature water and watergoasts are a popular motif. Nymphs, melusines and undines are as ambigious and intriguing as the element they live in. So at a little green pond hidden in the woods I looked with my camera for the spirits under the surface.


Seven Days by the Sea

"Seven Days by the Sea" entstand im März 2015. Ich fuhr an die Nordsee, um das spezielle glitzernde Licht und die Stille dieser Jahreszeit in Bildern und kurzen Texten einzufangen. Bei den verschiedenen Lichtstimmungen war mir immer wichtig, trotz der grafischen Struktur der Motive die Farben und die Bewegung des Elementes Wasser sichtbar zu machen. So entstanden Bilder, die diese Bewegungen nachzeichnen und dadurch sowohl mir als auch dem Betrachter Zeit schenken - Zeit diese Bewegungen langsam zu verfolgen, Zeit neue Strukturen zu entdecken, Zeit neue Bilder zu sehen, vielleicht einen Delphin ...



This series taken in 2016 is a hommage to Alfred Stieglitz's "Equivalents" (1925-1934): The Equivalents "remain photography's most radical demonstration of faith in the existence of a reality behind and beyond that offered by the world of appearances. They are intended to function evocatively, like music, and they express a desire to leave behind the physical world, a desire symbolized by the virtual absence of horizon and scale clues within the frame. Emotion resides solely in form, they assert, not in the specifics of time and place." (Andy Grundberg)