Change - Transition - Growth

Change is growth. Change is telling stories.
What is it about change? When does change start, what emerges next, where are the transitions from one stage to the other?
How can lines. paint, lenses, words capture transitions?
What could be similar to this, what kind of associations are coming to the mind?
So my working process is closer to poetry than to narrative stories.

I like Japanese aesthetics very much: the white space, the surprising perspectives, the close up on little overlooked things. The haiku moment, which passes so quickly and unnoticed, the wabi sabi of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

I am especially interested in connections, in resonances, in the things behind the curtain, the "yugen" of all growing things, the invisible, which is arising in front of the inner eye.

Even if my works are often abstract, they are closely linked with the phenomena in nature. Lines follow the growth of twigs and plant stems. Colours reflect the seasonal atmosphere, the light of the time of day.

The manifold lines, forms, shapes of Nature fascinate me endlessly, inspire me to new compositions: What do I need to evoke an impression of a tree?
What can I leave out, what is essential to its shape, where can the mind imagine further growth?

As a nature artist for me change is growth, transition, new beginning. Nature, all life forms, we too are part of cycles of change, of passing and becoming, of ebb and flow.

On the contrary this ongoing climate change caused by us is destructive because it progresses too fast for all lifeforms including us to adjust to it in time.

It is my motivation to visualize with my art what beauty we are going to loose, how important natural processes are and that every living thing is connected with us.

I hope to inspire with my work environmental stewardship, awareness and a change in perspective.

© 2021 Christiane Weismüller

Cycles of Change


Der Wind spielt mit euch
Ahornsamen auf dem Dach -
Schon Frühlingsboten?

(November 2016)

Wabi Sabi


Es fallen die Blätter,
Es fällt die Zeit -
Es gibt sie nicht mehr
Die Ewigkeit …
Es gibt auch kein
Hadern, Wollen, Brauchen mehr -
Es fehlt die Zeit …
Halten, was bleibt,
Was ist, ist meine
Zeit für jedes Blatt,
Den Baum, den sich
Wandelnden Wald -
Seine Farben verschwimmen in
Der Ewigkeit.

(November 2015)

Haiku Drawings


Ich ziehe die Zeit,
Zeit aus Samen
Mit grünen Fingern
Ziehe ich
Grün, rot und gelb.
Und sammle
Samen aus dürren Halmen
Für braune feuchte Erde.

(März 2015)

Shadows of Change


Questioning the oaks -

What have they seen?

What do they tell us?

About life, nature and us?

And what about our roots?

Questioning the oaks

You may get some answers …

Will you be ready to listen?

(März 2021)