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Christiane Weismüller was born in Düsseldorf in 1967. She studied literature and language at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. Since 2008 she lived and worked in Frankfurt upon Main, where she attended evening classes at the Staedel School (Free Art Academy Frankfurt) in abstract and serial photography.

During her work as a creative writing teacher and coach, she also turned to photography in 2012, exploring in particular techniques of intentional camera movement – painting with the camera during long exposure times – techniques she has continued to refine and develop to this day. Since 2015 Weismüller is a lecturer and coach in experimental and conceptual photography at various institutions of cultural education.

Artist Statement

Equally interested in nature and art, Christiane Weismüller „would like to achieve a synthesis between nature and art“ in each of her photographs. She turned to intentional camera movement „to paint with the camera outdoors - not with the computer indoors.“

Her approach has been consistently experimental, a constant search for methods of blurring the picture, including special lenses.

It is important for Weismüller „to intensify the atmosphere of a motif with these blurring techniques.“ A photograph should not only show the visible but also the picture behind the scene.

Much of her subsequent work has dealt with nature – with our connectedness with the natural world. Her poetic images are emotional, emphasizing the atmosphere and mood of her motifs as equivalents to our human experiences.

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